Sammy Mckenzie 

Hi There! 

I'm the face behind the camera of Sammy Mckenzie Photography! About 4 years ago I picked up my family's Nikon and began taking pictures of my friends! Eventually I saved enough money to buy my own DSLR that started all of this! I consider myself self taught, because I'm constantly gaining new experience and knowledge from each shoot, but I have also taken some classes with a professional photographer. I enjoy capturing authentic smiles and as I like to say, 

Making Moments into Memories 

Other than photography I enjoy, 

  • Musical theatre

  • Dancing, Singing

  • Harry Potter

  • DISNEY everything Disney

  • Twitter

  • The beach

  • Rainy evenings and pretty sunsets

  • hanging out with friends

So yeah, does it sound like we have something in common? Either way I can assure you, my first priority is delivering beautiful images to reflect and share who you are as an individual inside and out.