Savannah Senior Session // Cookeville Tn

Savannah Senior Class of 2020

Savannah was my very first, “Best Friend.” We met in Kindergarten and the first day at recess we immediately hit it off and we were inseparable the following year! (In fact we were referred to as PB & J by our teacher) Savannah’s personality is one that draws people in because she is always smiling and looking to make others around her smile as well! That was the number one thing I had hoped to capture in this session! She is lots of fun, bubbly, adventurous, amicable, oh and of course BEAUTIFUL inside and out! All of these characteristics made this senior session too easy! I was so excited when she asked to shoot some at the fair, even though it was crowed and we had many spectators, she put herself out there smiling and posing to help me create some fun pictures! This session will always be special to me for a number of reasons, one being that I went from sharing a sleeping cot at nap time in kindergarten with this girl all the way to taking her senior pictures in our last year of school together! It’s crazy how time moves so fast, I know all the senior sessions I do this year will have a special place in my heart! For the class of 2020:

“Appreciate what you have, where you are and who you are with in this in this moment.”

- Tony Clark

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